Demolition, A Tribute To "The Wrecking Crew"

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Hal Blaine

Denny Tedesco

Michael Kravitz

DEMOLITION, a Tribute to “The Wrecking Crew”, recognized and endorsed by Hal Blaine, the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame studio drummer, and Denny Tedesco, son of the famous “Crew” guitarist Tommy Tedesco and director of The Wrecking Crew documentary film, as the official tribute show to “The Wrecking Crew”. DEMOLITION is a musical performance – tribute show conceived of and assembled by Michael Kravitz.  It has been Michael's long–time dream to honor his uncle, Hal Blaine, and Hal’s acclaimed colleagues — collectively known as “The Wrecking Crew” — who played on literally hundreds of hit records in the 60's and 70's.  The “Crew” helped to make superstars out of scores of artists and bands which created a “soundtrack of a generation”.

DEMOLITION, a Tribute to “The Wrecking Crew”, pays homage to the largely unsung session musicians who were in demand by every top record producer.  DEMOLITION is the first project of its kind to specifically acknowledge “The Wrecking Crew” for their amazing and enduring historic musical achievements. With a lineup of accomplished musicians and vocalists, this unique tribute show performs the hit music of such diverse musical groups as The Beach Boys, The Mamas & The Papas, The 5th Dimension, The Carpenters, The Supremes — as well as Frank & Nancy Sinatra, Elvis, Sonny & Cher, Simon & Garfunkel and many other well–known artists of this music era.

DEMOLITION, a Tribute to “The Wrecking Crew”, recaptures the sounds and energy of a distinct period of music history that touches the hearts and souls of audiences everywhere, specifically designed to enable fans to celebrate the music and tradition of “The Wrecking Crew”.

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